Houses and villas for rent on Island Vis

If you are looking for a beach house or a villas with pool for rent on island Vis, feel free to browse our listing

Island Vis is a Middle Dalmatia island characterized by natural beauties, unspoiled nature, and also huge cultural and historical heritage.

Its numerous beaches and bays awake in people love at first sight. To experience lifetime memorable vacations on island Vis famous for domestic food specialties, fish, olive oil, and wine sorts, search among our offer of charming luxury villas and houses.

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Villas for rent in Island Vis

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High Class Sea View Villa with Heated Swimming Pool in Vis Croatia
Starting from €4816 per week

New 4 bedroom stone villa in town Vis with beautiful yard and pool; offering full privacy; accommodates 8-12 guests.

Rating: 93 %1000 with 270 votes
Location: Vis, Croatia
Authentic Stone 5 Bedroom Holiday House in Town Vis
Starting from €1750 per week

Stone house in center of town Vis with beautiful terrace and stylish interior; suitable for 10 guests in 5 double bedrooms.

Rating: 93 %1000 with 285 votes
Location: Vis Vis, Croatia
Stone House in Town Vis; Kut
Starting from €3500 per week

5 bedroom authentic island holiday house with shared swimming pool

Rating: 93 %1000 with 214 votes
Location: Vis, Croatia
Modern Seafront 5 Bedroom Villa with Infinity Pool and Private Beach Island Vis
Starting from €5950 per week

Amazing modern villa with infinity pool and private beach with boat mooring; in 5 bedrooms villa accommodates 10 to 12 guests.

Rating: 93 %1000 with 331 votes
Location: Milna otok Vis, Croatia
Charming Authentic Holiday House with Sea View and Pool Island Vis
Starting from €1400 per week

Beautiful Island Vis holiday house with completely new swimming pool and summer kitchen with traditional stone barbecue; suitable for groups of 6 to 8 guests.

Rating: 93 %1000 with 198 votes
Location: Oključna island Vis, Croatia
Beautiful Beach Villa Island Vis
Starting from €7875 per week

Amazing 5 bedroom villa with gorgeous gardens and sea view terraces located right in front of the beach in Milna, Island Vis.

Rating: 93 %1000 with 155 votes
Location: Milna Island Vis, Croatia
Stylish Komiza House Perfect for Family Vacations
Starting from €700 per week

Stone House in center of Komiza in Vis Island; only 50 meters from the sea and all attractions and facilities; accommodates up to 7 guests.

Rating: 93 %1000 with 376 votes
Location: Komiza, Croatia
Seafront Authentic Komiza Stone House
Starting from €1106 per week

Renovated 16th Century stone house near beautiful beaches offers amazing sea view in Vis island; in 2 bedrooms, house easily accommodates 4 guests.

Rating: 93 %1000 with 313 votes
Location: Komiža, Croatia
Lovely Sea View Villa with Pool in Komiza Island Vis
Starting from €1491 per week

Modernly designed villa with pool and large terrace with barbecue; Ideal for those who seek privacy and relaxation; Suitable for children; Accommodates 6 to 8 guests.

Rating: 93 %1000 with 239 votes
Location: Komiža, Croatia
Adorable Villa with Pool and Gorgeous View in Vis Island Vis
Starting from €1841 per week

4 bedroom villa with pool and beautiful sea view terrace over the red roofs of town Vis center; accommodates 8 people.

Rating: 93 %1000 with 373 votes
Location: Vis, Croatia
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