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Island of primeval natural beauty.

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The island of Solta lies right opposite to the town of Split, the biggest Dalmatian town, which means that the island of Solta is placed in central Dalmatian archipelago, in the immediate vicinity and between the islands of Brac and Hvar.

For the island of Solta we may say that it is an island of primeval natural beauty.

Here people on every corner may find and experience the relaxation and peacefulness from everyday way of life. However, the Island of Solta is surely much more than that.

It is an island of very rich cultural and historical heritage. Remains of Romans, Gothics, and other cultural and historical traditions are all over the island.

The Roman emperor Diocletian (Diocletian’s Palace in Split, today it is the heart of Split) built his Summer House on the island of Solta, in Necujam, where he also had a private fish farm.

Solta generally has its specific village architecture which it is worth to admire. Old, stone village houses that mostly are built with the original details, wood window shutters, and hand made iron latch door on most houses, even the ones that are renovated, gives to the whole island specific charm and uniqueness.

Solta has several small villages / places: Necujam, Rogac, Maslinica, Stomorska, Grohote, Gornje Selo, Drednje Selo, and Donje Selo.

Inhabitants of the island are mainly engaged in tourism, fishing, vineyards, olive grooves, honey, and fruit planting. Main port of the island is small place Rogac while place Necujam is the center of the tourism on the island.


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