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Island of Vis is the outermost island from the Adriatic Coast.

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Island of Vis is the outermost island from the Adriatic Coast.

People here mostly live from agriculture, fishing, and tourism. Out of the lovely vineyards came the famous and authentic wine sorts. White wine sort ‘Viska Vugava’ is definitely the one that each visitor should taste.

Island Vis is divided on two municipalities, two main towns, Vis and Komiza. Eastern part of the island is under the authority of the town of Vis, and the western part is under the authority of Komiza.

Considering that the whole island of Vis coast is separated and sloped, through the whole island there are bays that are worth to be visited. They are full of sandy and pebble beaches and the bays with the sources of fresh drinking water.

Whole island is full of famed architectural and historical heritage considering the very turbulent history of the island, as well as preserved natural beauties.

Island of Vis archipelago covers not only island of Vis itself but several small surrounding islands. They are islands of Svetac – Sveti Andrija (St. Andrew), Jabuka, Brusnik, Palagruza, and Bisevo.

Among those small islands, the most famous is Bisevo because of the Blue Cave (Modra Spilja) that is really wonderful not only as a tourist attraction. It is a cave under protection of UNECSO.

The cave has an opening on the top (it looks like submarine hatch) that reflect the sunlight from the outside and it overflows blue glossy effect within the entire cave.

Whole island of Bisevo is made up of limestone rocks, and the cave was formed naturally, by the wave actions that destroyed the limestone rocks.

There is also Medvedina Spilja (Medvedina ‘Monk Seal’ Cave). That cave and beach the monk seal used to dwell. This enchanting islet offers real natural beauties, very friendly inhabitants, breathless sights, gorgeous wine sorts, and everlasting memories for all visitors.


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