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Island of Brac is famous for the manufacture of its white stone.

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For the island of Brac we may say that it is the highest island in the Adriatic. The highest hill is Vidova Gora, it is also the highest hill among all Croatian islands. It is 780 meters high and it is located right above famous beach Zlatni Rat in place called Bol.

Staying on the hill Vidova Gora, ones experiencing a breathtaking view on Zlatni Rat Bay in Bol, which is also the most famous tourist place on island of Brac. Vidova Gora also offers unique view on the surrounding islands, Hvar and Vis.

Island of Brac is famous for the manufacture of its white stone. There is a source of that specific white stone on the island. The stone was used since the Roman Empire times for building of Diocletian’s Palace in Split (Croatia) and considering that it is high quality stone, it also was used for the White House in Washington DC (USA). Old Romans used it for building amphitheaters, temples, places, as well as graves. Today it is used all over the world.

Beside that, Brac is famous for its vineyards and olive grooves, so wine sorts and olive oils here are something to taste and enjoy.

On the island there are lots of fig and pine tree forests that in the combination with beautiful Adriatic sea makes island green and beautiful with heavenly clean and fresh air.

Brac has 23 small places, and they are: Bobovisca, Bol, Dol, Donji Humac, Dracevica, Duboka, Gornji Humac, Lozisca, Milna, Mirca, Murvica, Nerezisca, Novo Selo, Postira, Povlja, Pucisca, Praznica, Selca, Splitska, Sumartin, Supetar, Sutivan and Skrip.

There are bus connections between all the places on the island. And it also has its own airport.

This is the island of the original and unique cuisine, extraordinary domestic wine sorts, but also cultural and historical sights and attractions. Beside Vidova Gora, there is Zmajeva Spilja (Dragon Cave) near small place Murvica. It was used by Polish monks in their hiding from Turks in 15th Century.

They used a Cave for living and also as a temple. There they developed their monastic way of life. Even today reliefs in the Cave are preserved, and the most interesting is a big image of dragon after which the Cave later was named.

Glagolitic Monastery in Blace (Pustinja Blace), which was used as a protection to the monks in their escape from Turks. It is placed on high cliff and from there you may reach a wonderful view on Blaca beach. Museum of Brac in small place Skrip is worth to visit. It gathers a great symbiosis of Illyrian, Roman, and Croatian culture.

There is also Dominican Monastery in Bol with numismatic collection as well as significant collection of prehistoric items and amphora.

Such a pleasant climate, lush vegetation and wonderful beaches and bay are a great advantage for those who visit and stay on this island of abundant cultural and historical legacy, beauty, and nature.


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