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Dubrovnik Riviera is definitely one of the most beautiful Riviera in Croatia. It is located at southern Croatia, and it is rich of natural beauties, folklore, customs, and tradition that are cherished in this part of Croatia despite war that happened on this area in 90-es.

Dubrovnik Riviera may be divided in few smaller parts: Dubrovnik Primorje – Dubrovnik littoral (Klek, Orasac, Slano, Trsteno, Zaton Mali, Lozica, Stikovica); the town of Dubrovnik; Zupa Dubrovacka (Celopeci, Kupari, Mlini, Plat); and Konavle (Cavtat, Gruda, Molunat).

Beside that, Dubrovnik Riviera also counts Elaphite Islands among which are three main islands – Lopud, Sipan, and Kolocep – inhibited islands with charming villages, as well as few smaller which are not inhibited, but all of them have deep historical meaning for this area.

Island of Mljet – one of Croatian National Parks, Island of Lastovo – Croatian Park of Nature, Island of Korcula, the home of Marco Polo, Peljesac peninsula with famous vineyards and beautiful houses built by sea captains, and fertile delta of River Neretva also belong to Dubrovnik Riviera. All of these places have very rich natural and cultural heritage.

Dubrovnik Primorje (Dubrovacko Primorje – Dubrovnik littoral) is generally located northwest of the town Dubrovnik. The borders extend all the way to Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The seat administration of Dubrovnik littoral is village Slano. Among all historical meanings of all villages here, as well as cultural heritage, and natural beauties, it is important to say that Dubrovnik Primorje – Dubrovnik littoral is adorned for the summer houses of its historically famous citizens. One of those assets is exquisite village Trsteno which is the most attractive arboretum cultivated in Croatia. There is a wide diversity of subtropical plants, flowers, and trees.

In front of the arboretum there is a beautiful fountain with the statue of Greek god Poseidon but also the whole arboretum is full of sculptures. Arboretum was planned as a scenery park. All the way through you may enjoy an open sea view.

The town of Dubrovnik, the center of Dubrovnik – Neretva County is the one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Adriatic Sea. It is also a seaport for many luxury cruisers. Since 1979, the town of Dubrovnik is under the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Dubrovnik is proud of its tradition as well as cultural and historical heritage. This charming town has warm southern climate, beautiful sandy beaches and rich Mediterranean vegetation. More than 250 kilometers of coast around Dubrovnik, marked by evermore green islands and little isles, rocky coasts, steep cliffs, sandy beaches, numerous gulfs is just a small part of South Adriatic, of Dubrovnik Riviera, location that must be seen and visited.

Zupa Dubrovacka is situated about 8 kilometers to the southeast of the historical Old Town of Dubrovnik, and the northern side is bordered by a chain of steep hills. This oasis of Dubrovnik Riviera is filled with Mediterranean vegetation, accompanied with its natural beauties and Adriatic Sea with mostly gravel and sandy beaches.

On the utmost south of Dubrovnik Riviera there is Konavle valley. The geographical position of this region, surrounded by high mountains, has ensured that the Croatian national identity remained very strong. This is proved by the preservation of folk costumes, and customs, as well as the traditional architectural heritage. Konavoski dvori (Konavle House) are built on the source of the small River Ljuta.

In the Ethnographic Museum in Ćilipi are kept ethnographic treasures of Konavle. During the high tourist season, the folk assembly performs every Sunday morning the traditional folk dances characteristic for Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik area.

The most southern part of Konavle, which is also the most southern part of Croatia, is the small peninsula of Prevlaka, whose significance lies in its strategic position of control over the entrance in bordering Montenegro (Boka Kotorska Bay).


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